Thursday, July 21, 2016

1 National Anthems

EVELAND — The past two times the G.O.P. has suffered an election loss—and, going by the week so far, sorry, Republicans, it’s headed for another—one faction has said the party needs to moderate its politics and move to the left, while another faction has said the party needs to offer true conservatism and move to the right. Donald Trump, an accidental radical, thinks both sides are wrong and has campaigned on that basis, going both ways at once. He has moved the party to the right with outlandish counter-terrorism proposals, but he has moved it to the left on economics, voicing what the Republican donor class sees as heresies on trade, entitlements, and—because of immigration—labor.
This makes words like “left” and “right” and “extreme” and “moderate” trickier than normal in this election. A strong bipartisan consensus in U.S. politics favors “bold leadership” (toquote Paul Ryan) on the global stage, ever lower trade barriers, and legal immigration rates at about 1 million per year. This is called moderate, because it is in keeping with existing policy. To shrink our military footprint worldwide, to impose tariffs, or to suggest a slowing of

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