Thursday, July 21, 2016

4 Taylor Swift Has been Paranoid

say that Taylor Swift takes issue with Kanye West’s recorded phone call is perhaps the biggest understatement of the week. After Kim Kardashian West posted video clips of a speaker-phone call between West and Swift, news of a possible lawsuit recirculated—referencing Swift’s previous threat to sue West over recording the call without her knowledge or consent. But this is not a new fear for Swift; she’s been on high alert for breaches in security long before now. Last year, she told Capital FM that she’s always concerned someone is bugging a room she’s in, or “videoing or recording her ... [t]hat's one of my paranoias,” eerily foreshadowing what happened with Kanye West. And she has taken serious measures to ensure these things don’t happen. In 2014, Rolling Stone reported that when Swift moved into her $15 million New York apartment, she also paid $5 million for a unit across the hall to house her security team. In the same story, Swift says she's worried about wiretapping: “Don’t even get me started on wiretaps,” she said. “It’s not a good thing for me to talk about socially. I freak out.” She also admits to having considered the possible candidates

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