Friday, July 22, 2016

5 Who Will Die in The Walking

other day, another moment when The Walking Dead fans must contemplate life’s most dire question: Who the hell dies at the beginning of Season 7? The tidbit du jour? A fresh batch of posters, served up from AMC itself. The posters have been released ahead of The Walking Dead’s Comic-Con panel, which will be held on Friday. There are 11 posters in all, each depicting one of our imperiled heroes staring down that infamous barbed-wire-covered bat. Do these cryptic dispatches contain any clues? Of course they do! All you have to do is look hard. Really hard. Here are a few ways we can interpret these deceptively simple images to decipher who dies. Does the person look like someone who is about to die? The simplest gut check: examine closely to see which characters’ faces look like the face a person might make if someone were about to bash their skull in with a bat. By this standard, our most likely candidate is—who else?—Eugene. 20 Jul The Walking Dead AMC ✔ @WalkingDead_AMC #JSS

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