Friday, July 22, 2016

6 How much sugar should children have?

We've yet to meet a child without a sweet tooth, but are your kids consuming an unhealthy amount of sugar? Leading dietician Emer Delaney explains how much is too much, and shares simple swaps to help you reduce their intake...

Most of us eat too much sugar and recent recommendations advise us to reduce the amount of ‘free sugars’ we eat. But what exactly does this mean? ‘Free sugars’ are any sugars that are added to food or drinks, or present naturally in unsweetened fruit juices, honey or syrups. It does not include natural sugar found in fruits, vegetables and milk. We should be eating a maximum of 5% of our daily calories from added sugars. However, the most recent UK survey showed that our kids are getting almost 12-16% of their daily calories from added sugar.
What happens when we eat too much sugar?

Eating too much sugar can often means we're eating too many calories and if we don’t use them, our body will store them as fat. This can lead to weight gain and if this happens to our children, it’s very likely they will carry it into their adolescent and adult years, becoming overweight or obese.

With this in mind, how much free sugar should

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